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Empower your industry leadership. P6 simplifies Life Cycle Analysis for transportation fuels, biogas and chemicals, giving you a competitive edge. Quantify and improve carbon intensity effortlessly.

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Know your product-level CI at all times

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The P6 platform is the new and easier way to complete an LCA

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P6 makes performing an LCA simple

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Renewable fuel and biogas templates

Elevate your commitment to sustainability, quantify your impact, and steer your bioenergy initiatives towards a greener future. Witness how our LCA template transforms the way you measure site performance

Renewable fuel and biogas

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Renewable energy



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Appreciated by Experts

The industry needs to move towards digitization of the LCA process.
Bobby Tudor, Artemis Energy Partners
P6 has made the process of submitting an LCA and keeping it up to date much simpler.
John Bishop, Tupperlake Partners
We cannot onboard customers onto the CARB program fast enough. The current process takes too long.
Major Fuel Producer
P6 exists so that transportation fuel and chemical companies can finally measure what needs to be managed, the...
David Forsberg, Ascent Energy Partners


What is an LCA?

Discover how completing a life cycle assessment provides actionable insights into a product’s entire life cycle, empowering decision-makers to drive positive change for a more sustainable future