The Leader in Life Cycle Assessments for SAF

P6, the leader in Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Our Cloud-based software solution simplifies a GREET-based life cycle assessment for SAF. Want a custom (non-GREET) SAF model? No problem.

With P6 you can

Create life cycle assessments quicker

Produce LCA for California LCFS, Washington, Oregon, Canada

Forecast Site Product and Carbon Intensity

Always know your product-level carbon intensity

Life cycle assessment for RNG (Dairy/Swine)

P6 provides a pre built template for all types of renewable gas production including dairy/swine operations, making performing an LCA simple

Life cycle assessment for landfill gas

P6 provides a pre-built template for landfill gas making performing an LCA simple.

Life cycle assessment for Waste Treatment Facilities

P6 provides a pre-built template for all types of waste treatment facilities making performing an LCA simple.


The P6 LCA solution built for biogas

Discover how LCA provides actionable insights into a product’s entire life cycle, empowering decision-makers to drive positive change for a greener future using the P6 Life Cycle Assessment templates for transportation fuels.